Welcome To Sandunga!

Some brands come and go, some linger and slowly disappear while others have the ability and the resiliency to stand strong and carry on. Although Sandunga's future was unclear, one thing always remained: the passion for culture, the love of community and the theory that "we is greater than me".

It is with tremendous honor and joy that we announce that not only does the Sandunga brand, mission and values live on - we have now expanded this concept to two different states: Texas and New York!

Now, as all things naturally evolve and expand, so has Sandunga. Although the Sandunga values are in tact, Sandunga Texas is a  new entity under the direction of Yessenia Dickinson. Yessenia and her family joined the Sandunga family (formally MJP) when she was only 6 years old. Now, at 22, Yessenia has decided to take the reigns and be the Owner and Executive Director of Sandunga Texas. As for Agustin Guzman, founder of Sandunga Dance Co. Inc.? He will direct and lead the mission of Sandunga New York with his longtime partner and wife Franchesca.

Like all great things Sandunga has stood the greatest test of all: time. Although Sandunga Dance Co. Inc. is no more, two new entities have emerged to keep the spirit alive. It is with great pleasure that we introduce Sandunga Texas & Sandunga New York...Two companies one heart!


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